Puppy Kindergarten

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buy Lyrica from canada Today April 25 marks seven months and one day since Daisy was born, and Queenie is a month younger. A lot has happened in these last months. A major happening was “puppy kindergarten classes” Daisy got to go, being the eldest, and poor Queenie had to stay at home since only one puppy could go at a time. But training was accomplished on a daily basis with both puppies. And continues daily! Puppy classes are long over now but the two are practicing the benefits………like waiting to go out when the door is opened, sitting before meals are offered, walking in tandem on a connector leash ( A LOT to still be learned in that category!!) and oh so many other things The difficulties of training two puppies can be a challenge, it is almost an impossibility to train or teach a new trick unless one puppy is either in a crate or outside and is individually taught.. It is very successful for one puppy to be crated and allowed to watch while the other puppy is trained but the noise is horrendous and we are still working on getting the crated puppy to shut up and quit barking while waiting their turn to get out of the crate and perform! Oh well….maybe that will be conquered soon! Meanwhile..ever onwards to the goal of being accomplished, calm, and mannerly and also happy and healthy grown up doggies!

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