Queenie and the Dreadful Recliner

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http://panthercamps.com/esomeprazole I was sitting working at my computer and all was quiet. Suddenly Daisy began barking and barking and frantically running around the living room. Usually both Queenie and Daisy are up to some mischief together…but this time….no Queenie was to be found.  After searching frantically for several minutes, and calling out “Queenie…where are you?” I heard a small whimper coming from INSIDE the recliner. Oh yes…she was stuck up there, somehow inside  the recliner down toards the bottom, I could reach up in there and feel her and finally her legs appeared….her hind legs…and tail…but she appeared to be really jammed up somehow. When inspiration finally hit me and I lifted up that side of the recliner, she basically just fell out!  NOTE TO SELF: Always leave the recliner in the DOWN position when the pups are out and about!

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